Let AI select the best thumbnails for your videos
A great thumbnail makes a video more attractive to watch
To Click or Not To Click?
Thumbnails play an important role

AI knows what your audience like

Our system identifies attractive thumbnails by analyzing various visual quality and aesthetic metrics.
It has been learning from tons of video

Increase 3X Click Through Rate

A great thumbnail makes a video more attractive to click and watch.As the most representative snapshot, they capture the essence of a video and provide the first impression to the viewers.

Automatic Selection

Selecting a thumbnail manually could be a extremely time consuming job, making it difficult to scale. User generated videos, such as the ones uploaded to Flickr and Tumblr, generally do not come with thumbnails chosen by the users.



Perfect for small business owners to pick attractive thumbnails

  • Create up to 500 thumbnails
  • 720p resolution
  • 10GB upload storage
  • Up to 10 thumbnails per video
  • Web based interface
Comming Soon


provide highly customized solution for enterprise to integrate into existing workflow

  • Mass video thumbnail production
  • 1080p resolution
  • Custom upload storage
  • Custom number of output thumbnails
  • Custom interface
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Great thumbnails that grab potential viewers and make them click to watch
Not only do they make a big impact in terms of click through rates, they also play a key part in branding.